10 SEO Tips That Easy Yet Effective for Beginners


The following are 10 tips to make a website index well by search engines like google.com.

For those of you who are new to SEO and want to learn more in the following are very important tips as a fundamental in SEO. Previously I will explain a little what is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or in short SEO is the way you do your website so that it is indexed on the first page or the top ranking on search results that are in accordance with relevant keywords on the content of your website.

For example: If you have an online store selling children's clothes. Of course if the prospective visitor is looking for search engines with the keyword "online children's clothing store" you want your website to be in the top position in the search results.

That way visitors will flow into your website which is likely to be sales or buying activities because the user is indeed looking for children's clothes that can be purchased online.

There are two types of results that are displayed by Google search engines, namely search results in the form of advertisements (will immediately be in the top position). This product from Google is known as Adwords. Where you can pay Google to directly display your website by paying. What needs to be remembered is that the cost of these advertisements tends to be "expensive" for some people.

The second is organic or natural search where Google places your website on the first page without paying. This is caused by many factors, where we will discuss the basics below.

This organic produce is certainly the dream of online businessmen. because Google works 24 hours non-stop which means your website will be flooded with sales continuously. Lots of paid SEO services that you can use, but if you have free time, you can really do it yourself.

Now the following is a basic SEO technique that you need to pay attention to when creating a website or running an SEO campaign for your website. All you need to remember from all the tips below are never to do SPAM!!

1. Backlinks

Search engines like Google have a lot of signals in the algorithm to place your website in the top / first order of search results. Now this backlink is one of the signals or factors that are anticipated by online marketers as one of the most determining factors or has the largest percentage portion in determining the results of your website's position on the search results page.

Backlinks are where other websites have links to your website. Try the link to come from a website that is relevant to the type of your website. For example, if you provide professional photographer services, you can join local and international photography forums and become active participants in the forum (use backlinks to your website in the signature section). There are still many ways to make valuable baclink. such as making press releases, tutorials, articles and more.

2. Optimizing the structure of your website

For this matter, you should understand a little HTML, but it is not mandatory. The method is quite easy, you just have to google the topic and how to make improvements on your website,

The structure you need to consider is:

  • Headings (arrangement of tags h1, h2 etc.) are good and correct
  • Meta tags and keywords. This is part of a website where each page ideally has its own description according to the content. If you use an open source CMS like wordpress this can easily be done with an SEO plugin.
  • Make sure each image has an alt and image size.
  • Use the W3C validator to check your HTML syntax that doesn't match the standard, it doesn't have to be 100%, but certainly more valid will be better.
  • Make sure there is no link on your website to the website page that is not found / or the link is dead.
  • Meta social media, twitter and facebook for example require you to provide tags and meta that match their format. For Facebook you can use this debugger share tool to see if anyone shares your website address on
  • Facebook is difficult according to your wishes.

You can also use these SEO tools to help automatically analyze reports of things that need to be optimized regarding the structure of your website. just enter your URL or website address and these tools can detect errors or repairs to improve your website's performance.

3. Sitemaps and robots.txt

Sitemaps or commonly known sitemaps you can generate with these SEO tools, or plugins. Whereas the robots.txt file serves to "talk" with the search engines that which part of the website should be indexed by the search engine and which part should still be private, for example your website admin section. Of course you don't want to be indexed by Google, because it will make a security hole on your web / application.

Generate automatically your website sitemap and robot.txt using the sitemap generator here: http://seodbgs.com/xml-sitemap-generator.

4. Website Speed

This factor is also one of the factors you need to think about. Using a fast and reliable website hosting is one thing that can make your website load fast. In addition to fast server selection, you can also use services such as the content delivery network to make load faster because the CDN server will caching or copy your website and present it to visitors from the CDN server closest to the location of your website visitors.

The CDN service that you can use for free is cloudflare.

There is one other thing that is often a mistake and makes your website slow is the use of image files that are too large. The good thing is to always use compressed images for use on the website.

The easy way is to always use resolution 72 and use save for web when you use Photoshop.

Use these pingdom tools to see how fast your website is loading and what files are weighing on your website so you can optimize it.

5. Responsive Website

Google as a search engine wants a website that is "recommended" by it always looks good seen in all types of browsers, both browsers from desktop computers and browsers on gadgets such as cellphones and tablets.

Always check and check from your own gadget whether your website still looks "good" and clear when accessed from cellphones and tablets.

You can use this tool, which was created by Google to help website owners see the performance of their websites from desktop browsers and cellphones. You can also see what things need to be fixed. Try to get the highest score possible.

6. Build Trust with HTTPS

Trust is expensive in all things, as are search engines like Google wanting to provide a trusted website wherever possible. What is HTTPS? HTTPS is a secure port using an SSL certificate, an extension of the normal port that we normally use is HTTP (without S).

Where to get an SSL certificate you have to buy it at the same time verify that you have a legitimate business. There are many SSL levels that you can have, the higher the better, the more expensive :). But search engines increasingly like it.

Now a website with HTTPS is now prioritized "little" by search engines, signals or these factors that are being debated a lot. But there is nothing wrong with using HTTPS, besides your website being more trusted, the advantage of HTTPS is that your website will be safer, according to its meaning, the addition of the letter S at the end is secure or secure.

7. Update content

This is the most frequently asked SEO activists, how often do we have to update the website to increase website ranking? The answer is, there is no specific benchmark for how often, there are even some bestcoolmobile.com client websites that have never been updated yearly, still rank # 1 search results.

But if you ask google or maybe the mothers who go to market (rather OOT but still ok) ... is all of us would prefer the fresh one compared to the old "vegetables".

8. Use Tracking / Analytic Facilities

Google provides analytical website services, namely google analytic, where you can register for free. Google analytical function is more or less a tool for analyzing your website visitors, such as how many visits to your website, "who" your website visitors, from where these visitors come to your website and many other features that are very very useful for your analysis.

Besides Google Analytics. Register your website with Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster. Because websites that have analysis tend to be judged to be better by search engines.

9. Domain or website address

As much as possible use your website address that is similar to the service / product you sell. For example, use Jasadesainlogo.com for those of you who have a logo design service, etc.

Again this is not absolute and doesn't have to be, but what you need to keep in mind is part of the signal / engine factor looking for "valuing" your website. compared to the backlink factor or website structure, the portion of the domain name that matches your service or product is smaller.

The second is that people tend to buy that domain every year. My advice is to buy a domain for a longer period of time, such as 3 or directly at once 5 years. This indicates that you are indeed "investing" in your assets and are more "serious".

10. Online Profile

The last and NOT MOST IMPORTANT is social media. With a lot of social media now, you can easily and free to register. always try to use the username according to your website address. Make sure your online business has a profile on top social media namely Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin and of course Google Plus.

If you have a physical store, then your website should be indexed by Google Map. Register your business immediately on Google business, it's free!

Thus a piece of SEO tips that you can make fundamental in your online marketing checklist. In fact, often by following the tips above, you can launch directly on page 1 of the search results without having to bother making backlinks.

But of course back to many factors and competition on the type or type of your website. where often when you compete with large companies it can be very difficult to compete in these keywords, for example used cars, used motorcycles etc ...

Knowing the above, a few more tips, namely, avoid using short keywords (because there will be greater competition for these key terms). For example: the keywords "carpet cleaning" will be much harder for you to win than you use keywords that are a little longer (but still very relevant) such as "office carpet cleaning services". Then maximize your content on keywords or keywords that are longer or commonly referred to as long tail keywords.

But of course nothing is impossible. You can even win a single keyword, because if you develop this SEO basis, you can become a reliable online marketer!

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