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Contribute Today!

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Krystal’s Introduction Video

Krystal is a small business owner, a CPA, and a mother. Krystal will be an independent reformer for Virginia’s First District.

Education Reform

A world-class education system will ensure America’s continued economic dominance and will give our children the opportunity to compete and succeed. Too often, elected officials have tacitly accepted institutionalized failure in the education system by not seeking new solutions. I am determined to bring my passion for education reform and innovation to Congress.

If elected, I will work to reform failing schools, support excellence within the teaching profession, including innovative pathways to alternative certification, and utilize technology to improve the efficacy and accountability of a diverse, flexible new public education system. This system should include charter schools, where students can flourish and our communities can be renewed.


My campaign does not accept corporate PAC (Political Action Committee) money. My campaign will not accept any National Democratic Leadership money because my vote doesn’t belong to any party; it belongs to the people of the first congressional district.

In Congress, I’ll fight for a lifetime ban on lobbying by former members of Congress to make sure the voice of the people isn’t drowned out by the inside deals between partisan leadership and the special interests. I will work to:

  • Ban lobbyist gifts
  • Increase disclosure
  • Establish a new Independent Ethics Commission to investigate and audit influence by special interests