Great ideas don’t come out of Washington; they come from business owners and independent-minded community leaders. They come from employees who put in the long hours and the working families who buy the groceries, raise their kids and grandkids, and wake up every morning knowing they have to work a little harder to get by because of the mistakes made by Washington and Wall Street.

Big banks and Washington got us into this mess, but we’re going to get ourselves out of it. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and we need to help small business owners compete and grow their business with tax breaks and incentives.

The federal government needs to stay out of the way of individuals who work hard, play by the rules, and take the initiative in creating jobs in their communities. It’s business owners who are going to get our economy moving again, not bureaucrats in Washington.

In Congress, I will fight to give innovators and entrepreneurs the tools they need to grow our economy and create jobs, including:

Provide a 50% cut in pay roll taxes for the first two years a small business starts up to make sure we have a system that encourages investment in our local economy.
Allow small businesses to expense 100% of new equipment to help cut costs now and set ourselves up for job growth in the future.
Ensure that responsible business owners who want to expand have access to credit.

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